About Us

Polylok, Inc. is an international supplier of plastic injection molded products for the precast, drainage, and wastewater industries. Our home office is located in Wallingford, CT, and our European division is based in Kildare, Ireland. Unlike the majority of our competitors, we design our products in-house, and manufacture in the USA. We have two manufacturing facilities in Connecticut, and one in Indiana. In addition, we hold more than 75 patents and produce more than 200 different products. We are constantly striving to develop new and innovative products.

Our Operations

PolylokPeter Gavin, the President of Polylok Inc., leads a continuously growing company from the corporate office in Wallingford, CT. He is involved daily with all aspects of the business, and can be counted on to ensure that the best products are accessible to our customers.

Polylok, Inc. has a full time engineering and design team to focus on continually improving and creating new products. Charlie Brix, VP of Engineering, manages the engineering and design team.

Patrick Mulhall, VP of Sales, oversees a team of inside and outside sales representatives who assist customers throughout the United States, Canada, and many locations around the world. The inside sales team is available Monday-Friday, from 7:30am-5:00pm EST. Our sales team collaborates on a daily basis to ensure customer satisfaction, and works together with engineering and design to share new product ideas. Polylok, Inc. sales representatives attend many national and state trade shows across North America; they also attend conferences, counter days, and product training sessions.

Along with the main corporate shipping location in Connecticut, Polylok, Inc. utilizes warehouses on the west coast, in the Midwest, and in Canada. Utilizing supplying warehouses throughout North America decreases the time and freight cost to supply customers in all parts of the United States and Canada. Polylok, Inc. now has a branch located in Ireland to meet the needs of our overseas customers in an increasingly efficient and cost effective manner.


Commitment to Customers

PolylokPolylok Inc.’s roots are in the precast business, establishing our footing in the industry with United Concrete. United Concrete is the largest precaster in New England, and we collaborate with them to determine what a precaster needs and wants. Meeting the needs of United Concrete, along with many other businesses, has enabled Polylok, Inc. to become the foremost supplier to the precast, drainage, and wastewater industries.

The Polylok, Inc. team takes great pride in offering exceptional customer service, delivering products that are unmatched by our competition, and striving to create new ways to meet the needs across multiple industries. Our goal is to remain the leader in providing innovative products to the precast, drainage, and wastewater industries.

The Polylok, Inc. team is energized and focused on growing its business. In addition to serving our existing customers with current products, we are dedicated to innovating, continually introducing new products and improving upon existing products Less...