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Polylok’s linear diaphragm pumps provide a clean, oil free air source, which is exceptionally quiet in operation and vibration free. Suitable for continuous duty, they are ideal for applications where reliability is essential.

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  • Unique Silent Running Design: Designed with a unique vacuum assisted noise reduction system, these pumps are almost silent running with operation as low as 30dB
  • A range of models are available offering flow rates in steps from 30 - 120 l/min
  • Ease of Use: Housed in portable weather proof compact casing, our Air Pumps offer simple plug and run operation
  • Virtually no maintenance is required apart from a simple filter change which is tool free
  • Application Ideas: Application ideas include sewage aeration, aquatic oxygenation, spa's/whirlpools and water features
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High Vent Air Pump Enclosure
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<ul> <li> ET-40 (40 L/MIN, 1.41 CFM) </li> <li> ET-60 (60 L/MIN, 2.11 CFM) </li> <li> ET-80 (80 L/MIN, 2.82 CFM) </li> <li> ET-100 (100 L/MIN, 3.53 CFM) </li> <li> ET-120 (120 L/MIN, 4.23 CFM) </li> <li> ET-150 (150 L/MIN, 5.29 CFM) </li> <li> Rebuild Kits available </li> </ul>
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