Dual Safety Cover


Dual Safety Covers allow a 20" Polylok cover to be installed inside a 24" riser system for added safety. It prevents unauthorized access and acts as a secondary layer of protection to the tank. It is ideal for casting into new or retrofitting into existing tanks (concrete or plastic). These Dual Safety Covers can fit anywhere in the riser stack.

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  • Prevents unauthorized access to tank
  • Inner and outer covers secures with screws & are tested at 500lbs
  • Fits anywhere in the riser stack
  • Can be used on plastic or concrete tanks
  • Can be retrofitted
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<ul> <li> 3009-KYDC (Dual Safety Cover - 24" Riser Pan & 20" Polylok Cover) </li> <li> 3009-JD (Dual Safety Cover - Adapter Only, No 20" Cover) </li> </ul>
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