High Pressure Filter


Polylok’s high pressure filter is perfect in difficult drainage environments, where you want to spread the effluent out as much as possible to ensure you do not clog your media, this filter will act as a second level of filtration and will keep orifice lines clean.
Maximum 80 GPM with a working pressure of 40 PSI.

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  • Mounts directly onto the discharge end of any pump. No extra plumbing is necessary!
  • Filters available in heavy duty stainless steel or reinforced plastic. Filters can use a 300 micron sock for fine filtration.
  • Twist & Lok cover provides both watertightness and easy access for filter maintenance.
  • Extension handle is available for deep installations.
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<ul> <li> 3014-PF (Pressure Filter Stainless) </li> <li> 3014-PFP (Pressure Filter Plastic) </li> <li> 3014-W (Handle with Pipe) </li> <li> 3014-WK (Handle with No Pipe) </li> <li> 3014-Sock (600 Micron Sock) </li> <li> 3014-CAP (Cap) </ul>
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