High Vent Air Pump Enclosure


Polylok, Inc. has added a new High Vent Air Pump Enclosure to our extensive product offerings. Air pumps need sufficient airflow volume and ventilation to avoid a potential pump failure from overheating. The Polylok High Vent Air Pump Enclosure is 24”w x 15”h and utilizes a Polylok Air Vent on a 24” flat cover with mesh air inlets and our Poly Air Vent outlet to dissipate heat and extend the life of the air pumps.

The High Vent Air Pump Enclosure can be easily installed at ground level or may be utilized in sub-surface applications with additional risers and vents. The High Vent Air Pump Enclosure is an attractive green color to blend with the surrounding environment and can be used for new or retrofit to existing septic systems. All basins and covers are tested to withstand heavy use and are UV protected.

Polylok offers a full line of air pumps from 40 to 150 L/min. (Liters per minute).

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  • Weather resistant
  • Green color blends with environment
  • Highest concentration of UV protection
  • Fits new or retrofit applications
  • Air Vent independently tested to 330 CFM
  • Additional risers are available to adjust size to fit most applications


    The Polylok High Vent Air Pump Enclosure can be installed in any level area near the septic tank inlet manhole. The feed line from the Air Pump discharge needs to be installed into the primary side of septic tank for proper function. If the pump enclosure needs to be closer to a building the discharge air line will need to be installed as a direct buried sub-surface feed to the inlet side of the septic tank.

    The Polylok High Vent Air Pump Enclosure can also be mounted to the septic tank surface as a sub-surface installation by installing the 24” Adapter Ring to the tank surface and anchoring it with a Polylok Installation Kit. Additional Polylok risers can be added to bring the High Vent Air Pump Enclosure to grade. The air intake line needs to be field installed with a 3” grommet, 3” section of Sch. 40 pipe, 3” 90 degree elbow and a short length of 3” Sch. 40 pipe with a 3” coupler to grade level where a Polylok Air Vent is installed into the coupler. The two mesh air vents for surface installations will not be installed or necessary for the sub-surface installations.

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