Low Profile Basins, with Filter & Cover


Polylok’s new low profile external filter basin is ideal for those situations where space limitations are a factor.

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  • The filter/ basin combination uses the Best Technology GF-10 filter with a 2,500 GPD capacity, making it suitable for a wide range of commercial applications.
  • The GF-10 filter uses a proven conical plate design that allows unwanted material accumulations on the plates to fall back into the tank.
  • The one-piece housing is made of impact resistant plastic and filter plates that are 1/8 inch, 1/16 inch, or 1/32 inch apart.
  • The Best GF-10 filter’s multiple filtration combinations make this external basin / filter unit suitable for all septic tanks, grease traps or dog kennel applications.
  • Best filters accept our handle extension kit for easy filter removal at time of service, and our Smart Filter Alarm to alert the user when a filter requires service.
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<ul> <li> 3008-LPFB8 (1/8" Filtration) </li> <li> 3008-LPFB16 (1/16" Filtration) </li> <li> 3008-LPFB32 (1/32" Filtration) </li> </ul>
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