Rain Drainage Boxes


Solve drainage problems anywhere with our Rain Drain. It’s easy to use, installs in minutes and blends with your landscape. We sell the Steel forms so you can make your own Rain Drainage Boxes. We have sold more rain drain molds than any other manufacturer. Once you start making your own Drain Boxes and start making additional money, we supply the grates that go with it.

U.S. Patent No# 5,130,016

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  • Cover grate is constructed from a specially formulated co-polymer polypropylene for high strength, durability and ultra violet resistance
  • Cast iron grates available
  • Drainage box forms are designed to make your precast concrete have extra long life and maximum strength
  • Unique arch reinforced design maximizes load distribution and support
  • Cover grate is easily removed for periodic cleanout of drainage box

    Perfect for all your drainage needs: (downspouts, driveways, garage floors, patios and more)

  • We sell the forms to make rain drains
  • Rain Drain form comes with 6 Polylok pipe seals cast in place to insure quick, multi-directional attachment of drain pipes
  • Accepts all 2", 3", 4" SCHD.40, SDR35 & corrugated pipe with no grouting necessary
  • Design allows installation flush to ground level, blending perfectly with surrounding landscape 8 1/2’’, 9 3/4’’, 11’’, 13 1/8’’, 15 1/2’
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