Zabel A100, A300, A600™-8 Series

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A smaller version of the original Zabel® Disc Dam Filter, the A100/ 300/ 600 - 8 Series is becoming a popular choice for applications where increased effluent quality is desired.

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  • Available length 18"
  • Available level of Filtration A100 1/16", A300 1/32", & A600 1/64"
  • Flow Rates between 2,500 - 5,100 gpd
  • Optional SmartFilter® switch and alarm
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 46
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<ul> <li> A100-8x18-VC (8X18 Cartridge and Versa-Case) </li> <li> A100-8x26-VC (8X26 Cartridge and Versa-Case) </li> <li> A100-8x32-VC (8X32 Cartridge and Versa-Case) </li> <li> A101-8x18-VC (8X18 Replacement Cartridge) </li> <li>A101-8x26-VC (8X26 Replacement Cartridge) </li> <li>A101-8x32-VC (8X32 Replacement Cartridge) </li> <li> A300-8x18-VC (8X18 Cartridge and Versa-Case) </li> <li> A300-8x26-VC (8X26 Cartridge and Versa-Case) </li> <li> A300-8x32-VC (8X32 Cartridge and Versa-Case) </li> <li> A301-8x18-VC (8X18 Replacement Cartridge) </li> <li> A301-8x26-VC (8X26 Replacement Cartridge) </li> <li> A301-8x32-VC (8X32 Replacement Cartridge) </li> <li> A600-8x18-VC (8X18 Cartridge and Versa-Case) </li> <li> A600-8x26-VC (8X26 Cartridge and Versa-Case) </li> <li> A600-8x32-VC (8X32 Cartridge and Versa-Case) </li> <li> A601-8x18-VC (8X18 Replacement Cartridge) </li> <li> A601-8x26-VC (8X26 Replacement Cartridge) </li> <li> A601-8x32-VC (8X32 Replacement Cartridge) </li> </ul>
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