Zabel A1800 ™ Series

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Like the PL-68, this filter was designed for residential applications. The cartridge design allows for easy installation and maintenance and comes with our standard baffle (tee). All A1800 Series filters feature a locking tab that securely locks the filter into the tee. With 1/16” filtration, this filter is available in 18” and 22” lengths. The 22” A1800 comes with a built in gas deflector.

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  • 1/16" Filtration
  • Available lengths 18" & 22"
  • Available with built-in secondary 1/2" filtration, reducing large solids from entering
  • A1800 is the Filter and sanitary tee baffle, A1801 is the filter cartridge only
  • Can fit into our 4" sanitary tee baffle
  • A1800 Comes standard with the PL-68 sanitary tee baffle
  • Optional Versa-Tee Baffle with SDR 35 or SDR 40 available for an additional cost on the A1800
  • Accepts SmartFilter switch for use with filter alarms
  • Accepts Optional 4" Handle extention kit
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<ul> <li> A1800-4x18-30142-68 (4X18 Cartridge with PL-68 Housing) </li> <li> A1800-4x18-VT-B35 (4x18 Cartridge with Versa-Tee/SDR 35) </li> <li> A1800-4x18-VT-B40 (4x18 Cartridge with Versa-Tee/Schedule 40) </li> <li> A1800-4x22-30142-68 (4x22 Cartridge with PL-68 Housing) </li> <li> A1800-4x22-VT-B35 (4x22 Cartridge with Versa-Tee/SDR 35) </li> <li> A1800-4x22-VT-B40 (4x22 Cartridge with Versa-Tee/Schedule 40) </li> <li> A1801-4x18 (4x18 Cartridge Only) </li> <li> A1801-4x22 (4x22 Cartridge Only) </li> <li> A1807-4x18 (4x18 Cartridge Only for a Concrete Baffle) </li> <li> A1807-4x22 (4x22 Cartridge Only for a Concrete Baffle) </li> </ul>
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