12" x 12" Square Riser

Our new 12” riser fits our 12" x 12" catch basin and 12" x 12" distribution box. They allow easy access to grade so that the boxes can be serviced or easily inspected. Unlike other boxes on the market our risers can be screwed together to maintain their integrity and create a watertight connection.


  • Easy to install
  • Light weight
  • Can be screwed together
  • Fits both Polylok 12" x 12" catch basin and 12" x 12" distribution box


Part Number

  • PLB-12R

Similar Products

12" x 6" Risers

Our Risers can be cast into concrete or used with the Polylok D-Box. They come with a flat cover, galvanized steel grate, plastic grate, or with an inspection port. All of our risers have structural ribs on the inside preventing frost from adhering in frost prone areas. Polylok's Risers are the only risers on the market to offer this unique feature.

Goes Well With

Square Catch Basins

Offered in two sizes, Polylok manufactures the most versatile Catch Basin on the market. The basin comes complete with either a black or green grate, and two seals that accept 2", 3", 4", and corrugated pipe. You can choose your inlet and outlet heights, and it can accept one inlet and up to three outlets.

12"x12" Square Distribution Box

The 12" Polylok Square Distribution Box comes factory precut with one inlet and three outlets. Four seal assemblies are provided with each unit and will accept 2”, 3”, and 4” pipe. Optional 6” seals are also available for applications demanding 6” pipe. Polylok’s 12” Square Distribution Box has a 5 gallon capacity and is designed to withstand normal abuse in landscaping applications.