2", 3" & 4" Leaf Guards

Designed to fit perfectly in the Polylok trench drain system.


- Keeps drain pipe from clogging - Fits 2", 3" and 4" pipe - Easy removal for cleaning



Part Number

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4" Vent Guard

The Polylok Vent Guard is designed to prevent animals, insects, and debris from clogging your vent pipes. It is available to fit 4" SCHD 40 and SDR 35 and does not disturb airflow in the vent pipe. The Polylok Vent Guard is simple to install and is the perfect solution to prevent clogged plumbing lines.

4" Atrium Grate

Polylok's Atrium Grate is perfect for garden beds and other areas where floatable debris like mulch or leaves would clog.

Goes Well With

Polylok Heavy Duty Channel & Trench Drain

Our Channel and Trench Drain system is engineered to deliver the most flexibility in a heavy duty design. The Polylok Heavy Duty Trench Drain is H-20 wheel load rated when cast in reinforced concrete (as per Polylok Trench Drain H-20 Instruction Diagram). It offers a modular design with interlocking components to enable quick and easy connections. Each segment is 4’ in length and comes with a reversible ADA compliant grate that can either be flat or allow for a 3/16” convex surface.

Our Channel and Trench Drain design isn’t just a great design, it’s engineered with a smooth installation in mind. Each 4’ segment can be joined together or cut down to 12” increments. Each Channel and Trench Drain segment has eight (8) anchor positions to allow rebar to be installed to prevent floating. There are two sections on each segment to allow 2x4s to be installed to aid in leveling and anchoring prior to pouring concrete. There are four drainage ports on each segment to enable 3” and 4” SCH40 or 4” SDR35 connections. Each segment is shipped with screws to fasten the grates to the channel and to secure the interlocking pieces. No need to visit the hardware store.

Start using the Polylok Heavy Duty Channel and Trench Drain system and you will never use another one! We’re sure of it!

Ductile Grates for Polylok Heavy Duty Channel & Trench Drain

Polylok is a premier manufacturer and supplier of surface drains. Polylok Drains offer home owners, architects, engineers, contractors and storm water managers a variety of superior surface drains for a myriad of applications. No matter what the situation requires, from residential to unlimited heavy industrial applications. Polylok Drains are engineered for simple one-step installations. This minimizes contractor costs for installation. Polylok Drains meet and exceed the ADA American Disabilities Act of 1990; Section 4.5.4. Polylok Drains are a practical and cost-effective solution anywhere runoff needs to be controlled or captured.

Polylok Skinny Channel & Trench Drain

The NEW Polylok 4 foot skinny trench drain offers many of the same features that the Polylok 4 foot heavy duty trench drain does but in a slim, compact design!