24" Drain Well Kit

The Polylok Drain Well is an easy to install dry well used to collect, retain, and discharge storm water. Our Drain Well allows the flexibility to choose your inlet and leaching locations. The Drain Well cover allows for a 4” surface drain and is equipped with two recessed handles for easy removal. One of our Drain Well’s greatest features is its ability to accommodate stacking of Polylok 24” risers to accommodate higher volumes of water.


  • Easy to install one piece design
  • Inlet and leaching location flexibility
  • Lid will accept a 4” surface drain
  • Lid is equipped with two recessed handles
  • Accepts any Polylok 24” riser
  • Built in anti-flotation ring
  • Holds 55 gallons
  • Customizable accessories available

Part Number

  • 3008-DWK

Similar Products

Custom Basins

Perfect for installing an effluent filter or pump outside the tank, or just as a drainage well. These watertight basins are made out of High Density Polyethylene so they won’t breakdown in the harsh septic environment. They come custom made in any 6” height and we guarantee they will be watertight!

24" Round Catch Basin

Polylok’s 24” round catch basin consists of our 24” basin, 24” heavy duty grate, and four grommets. You can customize the basin’s height by using any 24” Polylok riser.

24" Rhino Drainage Box (10 Hole)

The Polylok 24" Rhino Box is the most versatile box on the market. It has ten (10) potential openings. It can be used as a catch basin, distribution box, pump chamber, meter pit, and much more. This Rhino Box makes even the toughest applications a breeze with its strength and versatility!

Goes Well With

3", 4" & 6" Round Grates

These round grates are designed to fit all pipe sizes with these diameters. They are manufactured in the United States using structural foam (HDPE). Ideal for residential or commercial applications.

24" x 6" Risers

Like our 20" riser, we have combined all the best features of concrete and plastic risers to create our patented riser system. Our risers hold their shape, are stackable, screw together, and are water and airtight. Structural ribs inside prevent frost from adhering to the riser in frost prone areas.

U.S. Patent No# 6,655,093; 6,688,072; 6,484,451; 6,877,281

24" x 12" Risers (Wall Flats)

Polylok's 24"x12" risers come with factory installed gaskets and can be stacked on top of each other. There are screw holes on the inside of the riser to attach it to a Polylok adapter ring, another Polylok riser, and Polylok distribution boxes or catch basins. There are two Polylok 24"x12" riser models, one with a round wall design and one with wall flats. Please note that the Polylok 24"x12" riser with flats will not accept Polylok riser safety screens.

U.S. Patent No# 6,655,093; 6,454,491; 6,877,281

24" Riser Pan

Provides a secondary concrete plug for additional safety.  Accepts additional 24'' Risers to bring to grade.

24" Heavy Duty Grate for Risers and Corrugated Pipe

Many of our customers asked for heavy duty riser grates that can work with either Polylok risers or U.S. and Canadian (IPEX) corrugated pipe. Our engineers developed 24” Heavy Duty Grates that will do just that. As with all of our riser products, we use the highest UV package available. These grates have been installed at golf courses, homes and businesses.

4" Atrium Grate

Polylok's Atrium Grate is perfect for garden beds and other areas where floatable debris like mulch or leaves would clog.

4" Flow Gate

The Polylok 4 in. Flow Gate is designed to help solve multiple drainage needs. It can be used with 4 in. drain and sewer fittings. Allows water to be diverted and released to water-safe areas away from structures, erosion-prone landscapes and poor drainage areas. When water enters a drain pipe, it needs to go somewhere. The flow gate attaches to either 3” or 4” hub sewer and drain fittings, and pops up when the pressure of the flowing water hits it, allowing the water to discharge. Once the water stops flowing, the flow gate closes again blocking anything from falling in. Just press the flow gate into the pipe, and forget worrying about finding debris, rodents, or anything else you don’t want in your pipes. Note: Fits all 4" pipe and fittings and 3" hubs. If you already have pipe installed, and it’s not attached to anything to come up out of the ground, the flow gate can be purchased along with a piece of sewer pipe, shaped like an elbow, to solve that problem. The flow gate can also be purchased along with an elbow, and the Polylok 4" corrugated pipe adapter, to solve that problem. Fade resistant, stainless steel spring, available in green.

24" x 2" Risers

Polylok is proud to introduce our new 24"x2" riser. Like the other 24" diameter risers it comes with the factory installed gasket. It is a great solution for systems needing only a few inches to come to grade.