6" & 9" Square Pipe Grates

The 6” square grate is designed to fit 4” pipe while the 9" square grate is designed to fit 6" pipe. Just pop them into the pipe, and prevent critters, leaves, and many other small nuisances from going into your pipe. Fade resistant, available in black or green.


  • Available in Green or Black
  • Available in 6” and 9” diameters
  • 6" square pipe grate fits 4" SCH 40, SDR 35 and corrugated pipe
  • 9" square pipe grate fits 6" SCH 40, SDR 35 and corrugated pipe

Part Number

  • PDB-6SPG-BK (6" Black Grate)
  • PDB-6SPG-GN (6" Green Grate)

  • PDB-9SPG-BK (9" Black Grate)
  • PDB-9SPG-GN (9" Green Grate)

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