Adapter Rings

This is the only Adapter Ring on the market that accepts 20" or 24" risers. Our Adapter Ring is ideal for retrofitting existing septic tanks and can be secured with ease. Our Adapter Ring is made of virgin high density polyethylene.


  • Adapter ring accepts either 20" or 24" Riser
  • Covers up to 25" square opening
  • Perfect for retrofitting onto existing tanks
  • Only need to inventory one adapter ring
  • Save time and money with easy installation
  • Optional Riser Adapter Ring Kit


Part Number

  • 3009-AR (Fits 20" and 24" Polylok Risers)
  • 3017-ARC (Fits 12" Corrugated Pipe)
  • 3017-AR12 (Fits 12" Polylok Risers)
  • 3007-ARC (Fits 18" Corrugated Pipe)
  • 3009-ARC (Fits 24" Corrugated Pipe)
  • 3009-RTR20 (20" Riser to Riser Adapter)
  • 3009-RTR24 (24" Riser to Riser Adapter)
  • 3009-AR30 (24" Riser to Riser Adapter - 30" outer diameter)
  • 3009-KIT (Adapter Ring Installation Kit)

Similar Products

Riser-to-Riser Adapters

Polylok's 20" & 24" Riser-to-Riser Adapter allows any other manufacturer's tanks, risers or corrugated pipe to be converted to Polylok's  Risers.  Simply screw or butyl our adapter onto the appropriate structure and that's it!  You can now use any 20" or 24" Polylok Riser.

Goes Well With

Adapter Ring Kit

This kit will allow you to secure an adapter ring to an existing concrete tank to enable to addition of a Polylok riser or corrugated pipe to the tank. When installed properly, this will enable you to create a watertight connection. The kit contains 8 anchor bolts, 1 drill bit and a closed cell foam gasket.