Air Pumps

Polylok’s linear diaphragm pumps provide a clean, oil free air source, which is exceptionally quiet in operation and vibration free. Suitable for continuous duty, they are ideal for applications where reliability is essential.

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High Vent Air Pump Enclosure

Polylok, Inc. has added a new High Vent Air Pump Enclosure to our extensive product offerings. Air pumps need sufficient airflow volume and ventilation to avoid a potential pump failure from overheating. The Polylok High Vent Air Pump Enclosure is 24”w x 15”h and utilizes a Polylok Air Vent on a 24” flat cover with mesh air inlets and our Poly Air Vent outlet to dissipate heat and extend the life of the air pumps.

The High Vent Air Pump Enclosure can be easily installed at ground level or may be utilized in sub-surface applications with additional risers and vents. The High Vent Air Pump Enclosure is an attractive green color to blend with the surrounding environment and can be used for new or retrofit to existing septic systems. All basins and covers are tested to withstand heavy use and are UV protected.

Polylok offers a full line of air pumps from 40 to 150 L/min. (Liters per minute).