Butyl Sealants

Polylok';s joint sealant system is custom engineered to meet the most exacting standards of the pre-cast concrete industry. Polylok Butyl Joint Sealant remains flexible and forms a permanent bond to a wide variety of substrates including concrete, metals and plastics. Adhesion and cohesion at the time of installation are excellent, and actually improve after the joint has been formed and placed in service. This sealant is designed not to shrink, oxidize or harden and has excellent resistance to temperature extremes, acid and alkaline environments.

Polylok's Butyl Joint Sealant is designed to fully comply with current ASTM Standards and specifications as required by Federal, State and Local agencies for use by the precast concrete industry and contractors. Available in sizes: 1/2" x 21", 3/4" x 21", 1" x 21", 3/4" x 14.5", 1" x 14.5". Special sizes available upon request.


  • Available in strip or coil form
  • Non-stick, non-tear plastic backing
  • New crush-proof packaging



Part Number

  • 3110 (Custom sizes available)
  • 3110-1 (1/2" x 21' butyl)
  • 3110-2 (3/4" x 21' butyl)
  • 3110-3 (1" x 21' butyl)
  • 3110-4 (3/4" x 14.6' butyl)
  • 3110-5 (1" x 14.6' butyl)

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