Cast a Sump Grate

The Only Complete Castable Sump System with floating handle. Get a Sump Form FREE with first order of yard grates. Perfect yard grates for use in utility structures or anywhere you need a sump.

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Sump Pumps

These pumps have been designed for pumping clear and wastewater from house, garden or yard, and are supplied with built-in level control and check valve. The pump and motor section form a pressure-tight encapsulated unit, fully flood-proof, with motor housing constructed from corrosion resistant material, and the outer jacket and impeller of durable plastics. The unique hand/auto switch makes the pump suitable for manual or automatic operation.

Grinder Pumps (Mascerate Solids)

Residential grinder pump for use in the pumping of domestic sewage. Applications include residential sewage systems, on-site sewage and effluent systems, and low pressure dosing systems.