Control Panels

Simplex, Duplex, Time Dose, Nema 1 indoor and Nema 4x outdoor available.

Common applications include pump chambers, sump pump basins, irrigation systems and lift stations.


  • Choice of NEMA 1 (indoor) or NEMA 4X (indoor/outdoor) enclosure
  • Red alarm beacon provides 360 visual check of alarm condition (NEMA 1 style uses a door mounted indicator in lieu of a beacon)
  • Alarm horn provides audio warning of alarm condition (NEMA 1 style uses an internally mounted buzzer in lieu of a horn)
  • External alarm test/normal/silence switch allows horn and light to be tested and horn to be silenced in an alarm condition; alarm automatically resets once alarm condition has been cleared
  • Horn silence relay
  • Magnetic motor contactor controls pump by switching electrical lines
  • Hand/Off/Automatic (HOA) switch for manual pump control
  • Green pump run indicator light
  • Float switch terminal block
  • Alarm and control fuses/indicators
  • Ground lug
  • Circuit breaker (optional) provides pump disconnect and branch circuit protection
  • UL / cUL Listed
Many options available, please call 1-888-765-9565 for more details.

Part Number

  • PL-1151W200H17A (Simplex with 3 Floats)
  • PL-1121W114H17A (Simplex with 3 Floats)
  • PL-1221W114H6A17A (Duplex with 3 Floats)
  • PL-TD1W114H8AC18A (Simplex Time Dose Panel)
  • PL-DTD1W114H8AC18A (Duplex Time Dose Panel)
  • Other Panels available

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Sump Pumps

These pumps have been designed for pumping clear and wastewater from house, garden or yard, and are supplied with built-in level control and check valve. The pump and motor section form a pressure-tight encapsulated unit, fully flood-proof, with motor housing constructed from corrosion resistant material, and the outer jacket and impeller of durable plastics. The unique hand/auto switch makes the pump suitable for manual or automatic operation.

Effluent Pumps (3.4" Solids)

The Polylok™ pumps are available in 4/10 and 1/2 HP sizes, including both effluent and sewage ejector models. These pumps are designed from the ground up to deliver the dependable service and long life expected from any product bearing the Polylok™ name. They include all the features required for residential and light commercial applications, as well as several features not normally found in pumps of this size.

Sewage Pumps (2" Solids)

Rugged, cast iron submersible 4/10 and 1/2 horsepower pumps for residential and light commercial wastewater applications.

Grinder Pumps (Mascerate Solids)

Residential grinder pump for use in the pumping of domestic sewage. Applications include residential sewage systems, on-site sewage and effluent systems, and low pressure dosing systems.

High Head Multi-Stage Submersible Effluent Pumps

These 4" submersible filtered effluent pumps in 10, 20, and 30 GPM models offer dependable performance and value for high pressure filtered effluent applications. Capable of handling "dry run" conditions where other manufacturers fail. These filtered effluent pumps can be used in residential, commercial, and agricultural applications.


The Polylok STEP system is designed for septic and effluent tank pumping. It can be used in an advanced wastewater treatment system or in a STEP collection system. The STEP system has a unique structural design to ensure long life and performance.

Pre-Assembled Pump Basin

Tired of assembling your own pump basins? You don’t have to! Polylok now offers a pre-assembled pump basin that includes everything you need from the effluent pump to the heavy duty cover. This all inclusive unit comes ready to hook-up. It is made of high density polyethylene and is light weight, compact and ready for installation.

Junction Boxes

Junction boxes seal electrical components from moisture and other elements. They provide a convenient location to connect all wiring required for a typical pumping station, on-site system or other electrical installation.

Float Switches & Accessories

Piggyback Mechanical Pump switches provide automatic pump control.

Control switches accurately monitor liquid levels to activate pump control panels and alarms.