Corner Guard

The Corner Guard is Polylok's innovative product for securing precast products for safe delivery to the site. It's features make it the most versatile corner guard ever built!


  • The Polylok Corner Guard makes the loading and unloading faster & simpler
  • The Corner Guard allows straps to be slid into the loading slots and over the ridge of the Corner Guard. This saves time and simplifies the strap alignment process without the time-consuming strap threading & adjusting so common with other guards
  • The Polylok Corner Guard will stand up to the forces of precast concrete on delivery trucks without compromising the safety of the load. The driver can be confident the Polylok Corner Guards will hold the load securely
  • Polylok Corner Guards also have an internal ribbing to make a secure contact and provide a non-slip surface contact with the concrete


Part Number

  • 3066 (Corner Guard)

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