Equals & Unequals

Equals and Unequals are great products for precasters looking to make consistent knockouts in their precast structures. These were originally designed for leaching galleys, but many of our precast customers have used them for other applications.


    Polylok Unequal Knockout:
  • Unequals, also known as "knock out formers", are used to create openings in concrete leaching galleys and chambers or dry wells.
  • This plastic accessory is made of durable Glass Filled Polypropylene that will not deform under high temperature conditions.

  • Polylok Equal Knockout:
  • Similar to our popular Unequal that creates openings in concrete drainage structures, this Glass Filled Polypropylene accessory has two upper and lower surfaces that measure the same length, allowing for an even sized opening in your concrete drainage structure.


Part Number

  • 3044 (unequal)
  • 30441 (equal)

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Polylok's industrial Lubricant (Poly-Lube) is manufactured using non-toxic, renewable raw materials so they are environmentally safe and biodegradable. In addition to Poly-Lube’s environmental benefits, Polylok lubricants are safe for use with all metals without fear of discoloration or damage.