Filter Handle Assembly (New Style)

Polylok’s new handle extension kit makes reaching a deeply installed filter easy and clean without having to grab the filter submerged in effluent.


  • Easy to install Fits Zabel: 4”x18”, 4”x22”
  • Fits Polylok: PL-122, PL-525 & PL-625
  • Handle sockets can be glued to any length pipe as needed

Part Number

  • A1801-HEK

Similar Products

Filter Handle

Fits all Polylok, Zabel & Best filters.

Goes Well With

PL-122 Effluent Filter

The PL-122 was the original Polylok filter. It was the first filter on the market with an automatic shut-off ball installed with every filter. When the filter is removed for regular servicing, the ball will float up and prevent any solids from leaving the tank. Our patented design cannot be duplicated. Ideal for residential waste flows up to 3,000 gallons per day (GPD).

Zabel A1800 ™ Series

Like the PL-68, this filter was designed for residential applications. The cartridge design allows for easy installation and maintenance and comes with our standard baffle (tee). All A1800 Series filters feature a locking tab that securely locks the filter into the tee. With 1/16” filtration, this filter is available in 18” and 22” lengths. The 22” A1800 comes with a built in gas deflector.