Form Hammer

Designed in our pre-cast plant, this aluminum hammer will not damage your forms. The aluminum is designed to absorb the energy, leaving your forms intact.


  • 5lb. aluminum form hammer
  • Aluminum head will not damage forms
  • Strong fiberglass handle



Part Number

  • 3100 (Form Hammer)

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Mold Fastening Nails

Polylok solves the problem of anchoring attachments to your concrete forms. Our mold fastening nails allow you to simply anchor mold attachments quickly and for less cost than older, time consuming methods. Quickly attach accessories to your mold such as: pulling irons, block-outs, unistrut clips, hole formers and lighting panel couplings. Attachments can be anchored with precision every time with our mold fastening nails. Polylok’s mold fastening nails are the simplest, most economical way to anchor mold attachments. The hole will self seal allowing you to drill as many holes as needed without compromising the form integrity.

Equals & Unequals

Equals and Unequals are great products for precasters looking to make consistent knockouts in their precast structures. These were originally designed for leaching galleys, but many of our precast customers have used them for other applications.


Polylok's industrial Lubricant (Poly-Lube) is manufactured using non-toxic, renewable raw materials so they are environmentally safe and biodegradable. In addition to Poly-Lube’s environmental benefits, Polylok lubricants are safe for use with all metals without fear of discoloration or damage.

Clamps, Hinges and Posts

Polylok's heavy-duty hinges and clamps are of the same high quality as our popular D-Box Forms. Ideal for the precaster who manufactures his/her own forms or repairs existing forms. Rugged and economical.


Let Polylok help you increase profits and gain customers. Polylok’s forms are designed for precasters and are an economical way to expand your precast product line. We have in stock:

  • Distribution Box Form
  • Rain Drain Form
  • Dipper Form
  • Sump Form
  • We will also customize any mold to meet your needs.