Handles & Receivers

This handle equals the strength of steel! It's the only patented plastic handle on the market that can be located with a metal detector! Optional rebar snaps into handle. Strongest handles on the market!

U.S. Patent No# 5,592,785
U.S. Patent No# 5,666,768


  • Handle will last forever; will not rust, non-corrosive
  • Cast into concrete
  • Great for surface or buried installations
  • No possibility of shearing off with back hoe or shovel
  • Tanks are now stackable in precaster’s yard
  • Warning sign is incorporated into receiver with date of installation and service record (Write on receiver to record services)
  • Handles may be located with a metal detector
  • Meets ASTM septic standards

Part Number

  • 3047-REC (Flush Receiver)
  • 3551-C (Handles)
  • 3047-RH (Red Warning Sign for Handle)

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