Inspection Tags

A simple and effective way to manage your quality control. This inspection tag will ensure that your product is inspected for quality, “Pre-Pour and Post-Pour”. Simply turn off and product is ready for pouring. When your product leaves your yard with our inspection tag cast in you will be confident knowing it passed all quality specifications.


  • Visible for pre- and post-pour inspections
  • Ideal for internal or state quality control programs
  • Bright orange for visibility
  • Can mark tag with date and initials
    Pre-Pour Inspection:
  • Hook is torn off tag and placed on the rebar cage, indicating that form has been inspected
  • Tag is signed by plant manager and mounted on form
  • Form is now ready to be poured

  • Post-Pour Inspection:
  • Tag is signed by plant manager, indicating that the product meets specifications


Part Number

  • 3047-S (Inspection Tags)

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