Polylok's industrial Lubricant (Poly-Lube) is manufactured using non-toxic, renewable raw materials so they are environmentally safe and biodegradable. In addition to Poly-Lube’s environmental benefits, Polylok lubricants are safe for use with all metals without fear of discoloration or damage.


  • Available in 5 Gallon Buckets (35lbs) or 55 Gallon Drums (385lbs)


Part Number

  • 3095 (5 gallon)
  • 3095-55 (55 gallon drum)

Similar Products

Goes Well With

Clamps, Hinges and Posts

Polylok's heavy-duty hinges and clamps are of the same high quality as our popular D-Box Forms. Ideal for the precaster who manufactures his/her own forms or repairs existing forms. Rugged and economical.

Butyl Sealants

Polylok';s joint sealant system is custom engineered to meet the most exacting standards of the pre-cast concrete industry. Polylok Butyl Joint Sealant remains flexible and forms a permanent bond to a wide variety of substrates including concrete, metals and plastics. Adhesion and cohesion at the time of installation are excellent, and actually improve after the joint has been formed and placed in service. This sealant is designed not to shrink, oxidize or harden and has excellent resistance to temperature extremes, acid and alkaline environments.

Polylok's Butyl Joint Sealant is designed to fully comply with current ASTM Standards and specifications as required by Federal, State and Local agencies for use by the precast concrete industry and contractors. Available in sizes: 1/2" x 21", 3/4" x 21", 1" x 21", 3/4" x 14.5", 1" x 14.5". Special sizes available upon request.

Magnetic Mandrels

Polylok has developed an easy way to mount your mandrels to your forms without any drilling. We offer Magnetic Mandrels to fit every size seal. Now you can pour your tanks and easily swap out mandrels between pours. Want to move the seal to another section of the tank, or add a seal? No problem!


Our mandrels are made from a polypropylene composite which allows the mandrels to maintain their shape even during the most demanding applications. Each time you cast a Polylok Seal into your tank, you can be assured you will get a watertight connection. Our mandrels will accommodate 2.5" - 6" wall thickness. We provide free mandrels with your initial order of Polylok Seals. We will also cut your mandrels to fit your form at no additional charge.


Let Polylok help you increase profits and gain customers. Polylok’s forms are designed for precasters and are an economical way to expand your precast product line. We have in stock:

  • Distribution Box Form
  • Rain Drain Form
  • Dipper Form
  • Sump Form
  • We will also customize any mold to meet your needs.