Rain Drainage Boxes

Solve drainage problems anywhere with our Rain Drain. It’s easy to use, installs in minutes and blends with your landscape. We sell the Steel forms so you can make your own Rain Drainage Boxes. We have sold more rain drain molds than any other manufacturer. Once you start making your own Drain Boxes and start making additional money, we supply the grates that go with it.

U.S. Patent No# 5,130,016

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DISCONTINUED: Trench & Channel Rain Drains

DISCONTINUED / NO LONGER AVAILABLE The Polylok Channel Rain Drains is the Complete Surface Water Drainage Solution. The durability & high performance of the " Channel Rain Drains" ensures a long lasting, permanent solution to the collection and dispersal of standing surface water. Use our Channel Rain Drains around driveways, patios, walkways or any other area that you need to get rid of standing surface water.

12" Round Drainage Boxes

The Polylok Drainage Boxes is the most versatile box on the market today. You can choose what height drainage boxes you want your inlets and outlets to be. It also comes complete with the only seal of drainage boxes in the market that accepts 2'', 3'',4'' and corrugated pipe. No more different fittings to inventory!

U.S. Patent No# 6,666,349 & 6,817,631

20" Round Drain Box

We have your solution to all of your drainage needs with our new 20” Drain, Valve, & Meter Box! This box is great for large applications such as golf courses but is also a suitable size for the home. There’s no need to worry about different colored fittings or plugs to inventory because as well as accepting 2”, 3” & 4” pipe, our box can also accept 6” pipe. Our 20” Drain Box will also accept our 20” Risers so you can easily bring the Drain Box to grade. It is the most versatile Drain Box available on the market today!

U.S. Patent No# 6,666,349 & 6,817,631

Square Catch Basins

Offered in two sizes, Polylok manufactures the most versatile Catch Basin on the market. The basin comes complete with either a black or green grate, and two seals that accept 2", 3", 4", and corrugated pipe. You can choose your inlet and outlet heights, and it can accept one inlet and up to three outlets.

Goes Well With


Polylok's industrial Lubricant (Poly-Lube) is manufactured using non-toxic, renewable raw materials so they are environmentally safe and biodegradable. In addition to Poly-Lube’s environmental benefits, Polylok lubricants are safe for use with all metals without fear of discoloration or damage.

Clamps, Hinges and Posts

Polylok's heavy-duty hinges and clamps are of the same high quality as our popular D-Box Forms. Ideal for the precaster who manufactures his/her own forms or repairs existing forms. Rugged and economical.

Poly I Pipe Seal

Eliminate grouting around the pipe. Quick and easy conversion to any existing form. Our pipe seals can be used in any application. It's time to upgrade your product with the Polylok Pipe Seal... your customers will be glad you did.

    Ideal for:
  • Septic Tanks
  • Distribution Boxes
  • Drainage Boxes

U.S. Patent No# 4,805,902; 4,805,920; 5,601,291; 5,626,346
Canada Patent No# 1,278,588; 2,171,653; 2,171,654

Poly II High Pressure Pipe Seal

Use the POLY II for the inlet & outlet pipes on septic tanks, aerobic systems, or anywhere you need water tightness. This new hybrid seal will mount to our existing mandrel that bolts directly to the septic tank form just like the original. The Poly II will meet the vacuum & hydro-static pressure requirements of A.S.T.M. spec. C-923 for 2", 3" and 4" SCHD. 40. It will allow you the water-tightness that is now required and the flexibility of choosing what size pipe you want!

Magnetic Mandrels

Polylok has developed an easy way to mount your mandrels to your forms without any drilling. We offer Magnetic Mandrels to fit every size seal. Now you can pour your tanks and easily swap out mandrels between pours. Want to move the seal to another section of the tank, or add a seal? No problem!


Our mandrels are made from a polypropylene composite which allows the mandrels to maintain their shape even during the most demanding applications. Each time you cast a Polylok Seal into your tank, you can be assured you will get a watertight connection. Our mandrels will accommodate 2.5" - 6" wall thickness. We provide free mandrels with your initial order of Polylok Seals. We will also cut your mandrels to fit your form at no additional charge.