Polylok, Inc. just introduced a revolutionary way to guarantee rebar stays in place during CMU wall construction. This new product centers rebar in the core of the block and allows the mason to install block in 10-12’ lifts instead of the standard 4’ lift. Small, Bar Ties are used to lock the rebar in place and join additional rebar to the fixed central rebar rod.


  • Centers rebar in core, guaranteeing a properly located bar
  • Eliminates need for low lift grout
  • Accurately marks each grout hole
  • Engages after wall is constructed and bar is inserted in wall
  • Ties overlaps together, if desired
  • Eliminates excessive overlapping and saves money
  • Reduces labor & downtime; saves money
  • Allows the mason to build walls in higher lifts


Part Number

  • 3064-8 (8" Rebar-Lok)
  • 3064-12 (12" Rebar-Lok)
  • 3064-T (Rebar-Lok Tool)

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