Sand Pad for Stackable Rebar Chairs

Polylok Sand Pads are designed to work with Polylok's Stackable Rebar Chairs. It's wide based design easily attaches to Polylok's Stackable Rebar chairs. Ideal for construction sites, flat work and radiant floors.


  • Designed to work with Polylok Stackable Rebar Chairs
  • Wide base design
  • easy to install
  • Provides maximum stability



Part Number

  • 3058-SP (Sand Pad for Stackable Rebar Chairs)

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Round Base Rebar Spacers

Our Round Base Rebar Spacers allow for multiple heights: 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", 3", 3 1/2", 4", 5" and 5 1/2" heights. They come with a built in sand pad. Their unique design, with open top, allows for easy rebar tying. Their wide base bottom provides maximum stability.

Goes Well With

Stackable Chairs

Our Stackable Chairs are the most versatile chairs on the market. Each chair can either start at a height of 1 ½” or 2”. After your first chair is laid down you can stack each additional chair at ½” increments. It also accepts #3 to #8 rebar for additional flexibility.