Universal Ready Adapter

Polylok’s Universal Ready Adapter allows you to cast various seals into your concrete tanks enabling you to use a Polylok Baffle (Part Number 3015) or our PL-122 Effluent Filter with a Filter Ready Adapter (Part Number 30144). By using our Universal Ready Adapter, you can choose from our Poly I, II or III Seal, depending on your application.


  • Easy to use
  • Versatile design allows you to snap together either a Poly I, II or III Seal
  • Creates a permanent connection with any of our baffle ready products


Part Number

  • 3021 (fits only the Poly I or Poly II)
  • 3021-3 (fits only the Poly III)

Similar Products

Baffle and Filter Ready Seal System

This seal gives you all the features of the Poly I Pipe Seal but also allows you to install the Polylok Baffle and Polylok PL-122 Effluent without drilling. It will save you and your customers time and money!

U.S. Patent No# 5,286,040

Goes Well With

Poly I Pipe Seal

Eliminate grouting around the pipe. Quick and easy conversion to any existing form. Our pipe seals can be used in any application. It's time to upgrade your product with the Polylok Pipe Seal... your customers will be glad you did.

    Ideal for:
  • Septic Tanks
  • Distribution Boxes
  • Drainage Boxes

U.S. Patent No# 4,805,902; 4,805,920; 5,601,291; 5,626,346
Canada Patent No# 1,278,588; 2,171,653; 2,171,654

Poly II High Pressure Pipe Seal

Use the POLY II for the inlet & outlet pipes on septic tanks, aerobic systems, or anywhere you need water tightness. This new hybrid seal will mount to our existing mandrel that bolts directly to the septic tank form just like the original. The Poly II will meet the vacuum & hydro-static pressure requirements of A.S.T.M. spec. C-923 for 2", 3" and 4" SCHD. 40. It will allow you the water-tightness that is now required and the flexibility of choosing what size pipe you want!

PL-122 Effluent Filter

The PL-122 was the original Polylok filter. It was the first filter on the market with an automatic shut-off ball installed with every filter. When the filter is removed for regular servicing, the ball will float up and prevent any solids from leaving the tank. Our patented design cannot be duplicated. Ideal for residential waste flows up to 3,000 gallons per day (GPD).

Polylok Baffle

The Original Polylok Baffle deflects suspended solids from exiting the septic tank. Installs in minutes when using the Polylok Baffle Ready Seal. At 38” in length it can be cut to different heights to eliminate waste. Don’t be fooled by imitations! U.S. Patent No# 4,832,846 & D317,812

Gas Deflector for Polylok Baffle

Designed to be used with The Original Polylok Baffle. This gas deflector simply snaps onto our baffle with no screws or additional parts. This simple installation will save you time and labor.

U.S. Patent No# 4,832,846 & D317,812