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Report No. 0122.2 Date: 07-MAR-01

Re: Polylok Riser - P/N 3009 and Lid - P/N 3009C

Test Conducted For: Polylok Inc.
173 Church Street
Yalesville, CT 06492

Tests performed At: United Concrete Products, Inc.
173 Church Street
Yalesville, CT 06492

Tests Witnessed By: George E. Nelson on 22-JAN-01

Items Tested: One (1) sample column of assembled Risers. Column consists of seven (7) HDPE molded round Risers and one (1) HDPE molded round Lid. The Riser and Lid joints contain foam seals and all sections are secured together with number 10 x 1 ½ inch stainless steel sheet metal screws. The Riser column is 20 inches in diameter, 42 inches in height and secured in a 4 inch slab of concrete.

Object of Testing: To determine the compressive strength of the Riser column and the load bearing capacity of the Lid.

Findings: A force of 6,000 lbs. was uniformly distributed on the Riser column and Lid assembly. There was no visible sidewall failure. The test was terminated.
A force of 2,500 lbs. was center loaded on the Riser column and Lid assembly with a 6 inch diameter steel disk. The Lid was severely deflected, but contained no visible evidence of Riser rim joint failure. The test was terminated and the Lid quickly resumed its original shape.

Respectfully submitted,

George E. Nelson
Stonel Associates, Inc.